Huawei Channel Partner Program

Huawei is committed to our platform and ecosystem strategy. We are always improving our Channel Partner Program, to help our partners make the very best use of their market coverage. Huawei offers its Channel Partners better commercial terms, training, joint marketing, and cooperation
opportunities: the perfect resources to grow your business.

  • Profitability

    Get profits from selling leading ICT infrastructure, innovative joint solutions, as well as credits and rebates to significant growth opportunities.

  • Talent Development

    Provide support in the Partner Specialization, Certificates for Engineers, and the Huawei Partner University to support the needs of partners.

  • Leads Generation

    Offer DEMO support, PoC (Proof of Concept) testing, co-marketing funds, marketing collaboration to partners, leading to sales and business success.

  • Business Alignment

    Provide a variety of partner tools (smart configuration, order visualization, eISDP etc) and joint business plans for partners to achieve business success and improve the satisfaction of cooperation.