Huawei Service Partner Program

The Huawei Service Partner Program is the framework for Huawei's relationship with our Service
Partners. Huawei's goal is to attract the industry's leading service providers to work with Huawei and
be a part of our ecosystem. The Service Partner Program includes a ladder of partnership levels, along
with partner performance and incentives. It enables Huawei and our partners to work together to
supply the needs of diverse markets with outstanding service solutions.

  • Marketing Support

    Share Huawei's brand, such as receiving a CSP certificate, being listed on Huawei's official website, and using a CSP plaque, which facilitates partners' marketing and market development.

  • Financial Support

    Huawei provides service partners with more benefits through service incentives, including service sales discounts, service performance rebates, and service capability improvement incentives.

  • Technical Support

    Service Partners have priority when Huawei offers technical training, tools for use and service support, or when the company shares experience.

  • Capability Support

    Huawei helps partners with service transformation & operation, service capability improvement, and customer satisfaction improvement.