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Huawei PAB

Huawei Enterprise Business Partner Advisory Board (PAB) consists of senior executives of Huawei ecosystem partners. On April 7, 2016, Huawei held a roundtable meeting themed "Recommendations for Huawei Enterprise Business" in Shenzhen. This was a preliminary PAB meeting, attended by 27 distributors. March 14, 2017 was the first day of Global Partner Summit. On that day Huawei Enterprise BG officially held the first ever PAB summit and appointed 35 founding members to serve a two-year term. The founding members were also awarded certificates. The 35 members included 16 distributors (such as world-famous Arrow, ECS, China National Building Materials Group Corporation, and Digital China) and 19 client-facing partners (such as industry-leading SAP, Honeywell, Chinasoft International, and Beiming Software).

Going forward the PAB meetings will take place twice a year. During the meetings, we will listen to the voice of our partners on key enterprise topics, share knowledge and experience, and jointly develop effective strategy and business tactics. We aim to leverage the meetings to improve our capabilities as a platform, create better value for our partners, build strategic partnerships and a sound ecosystem, and accelerate the digital transformation of society.


  • 1. To increase our partner's confidence in Huawei, secure sustained inputs, and help partners grow
  • 2. To listen to our partner's voice, solve practical business issues, and improve operating efficiency
  • 3. To ensure high-quality and diverse engagements with core partners, and to build up the relationships
  • 4. To fulfill the strategies of "Being Integrated" and "Platform + Ecosystem", utilize PAB suggestions to boost Huawei's enterprise business capabilities and industry influence, better serve customers, and drive digital transformation across industries

PAB 2019 Event Notice

  • China Region
  • Ecosystem Partner Conference
  • Fuzhou, March 22th

PAB meeting attendees

  • Key executives of Huawei's core partners, market leaders, and industry leaders. By invitation only.

Benefits for PAB members

  • 1. Huawei offers preferential resources and enablement opportunities to PAB members.
  • 2. Huawei solicits opinions from PAB members on major channel policy adjustments and invites the partners to review the adjustments before releasing them.
  • 3. Huawei gives preference to and even exclusively works with PAB members across industries and 170+ countries/regions where Huawei operates.
  • 4. Huawei provides financing and promotional support for jointly developed solutions at major marketing events that are held by Huawei, co-organized by Huawei, or held by PAB members.
  • 5. Huawei preferentially shares information about major technology breakthroughs, product launches, market opportunities, and other insights with PAB members.

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